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More depth in your program

Interested in partnering with Innerpreneurs? We are experts in transformative experiences. We reach beyond the cognitive to embody sustainable well-being. We tap into ancient traditions and contemporary modalities, such as meditation, shadow work, creative interventions and intuitive dance.

Would you like? Do you want more depth and impact in your program or event? Our workshops and interventions are stimulating regenerative self-leadership.

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Our services

Design and facilitation of retreats

We want to be at the source of experiences that leave participants touched at their core. Through playfulness, beauty, rituals, deep conversations and reflections.


We enter, slow down and ask transformative questions. Our short interventions encourage participants to consciously consider what entrepreneurship and success mean to them.


We share our perspectives on leadership in a changing paradigm.

Surprising, heart-warming and mind-expanding.

For whom?

For whom?

For organizations that support entrepreneurs and promote entrepreneurship and place importance on the development of self-leadership.

For organizations that stimulate social innovation and want to encourage the importance of conscious entrepreneurship and leadership.

For organizations that have expertise in self-leadership and spirituality and want to further deepen their programs.

These organizations already showed their trust in our interventions:

Start It @ KBC
Netwerk ondernemen
Sociale Innovatie Fabriek

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