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Multi-day retreats for entrepreneurs & leaders

Deepdive during a transformative 48-hour experience with a select group of like-minded innerpreneurs to strengthen your self-leadership. We create a safe, brave and playful space for silence, reflection and inspiration. Because we believe that inner well-being leads to more sustainable interaction with each other and the environment.

© Jean-Felix Koninckx for Chemin 28

For whom?

Do you wish to lead from within and are you ready to explore how in a two-day retreat?
We put together a balanced and diverse group of inspiring and entrepreneurial people.


Our co-creative events

These retreats are organized in collaboration with leading organizations.

Chemin 28

An immersive experience for new and regenerative leadership.

September 6 & 7, 2024

L'arbre qui Pousse (Ottignies)

Leading from within

More coming soon

Discover our sacred spaces
No upcoming events at the moment
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