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Image by Aldino Hartan Putra

© Jean-Felix Koninckx for Chemin 28

How we look at the world

Entrepreneurial leaders often have energy for two. They have ideas and the decisiveness to make those ideas come true. They love autonomy and freedom. They are ambitious and work hard to become successful.
But what does 'success' mean?
Can you really feel 'free' in a performance-oriented environment? Do you feel isolated while being in charge?
We believe that the creative energy of entrepreneurial leaders has the potential to make them mentally and financially free while creating a positive impact in society.
Through embodied awareness entrepreneurial leaders manifest a world with more care and compassion for self and others. Their creative energy naturally flows, their actions lead to sustainable change.

Our mission?

We create a safe space for playful experiences that support brave leaders on their inner journey.
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